Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Your brand identity makes you stand out from a crowd of competitors. Using a brilliant mix of textual and visual tools, we help you best communicate your brand’s vision and values to your potential customers. This helps them connect and relate better to your brand. At Rutherford Media, we offer brand creation services such as
– Brand name creation
– Brand colours
– Logo design
– Brand tagline, etc.
We also design signage, brand and product presentations, advert materials, and other branded products like portfolio, letterhead, stationery, business card, etc.

What we hope to achieve

Brand overhaul

Looking to repackage your business? We offer brand identity services to uplift your current identity to one that is more attractive to customers and investors while ensuring we preserve the core idea of your business.

Brand Awareness

A good business branding job aims to promote people's awareness of your brand. Rutherford Media was set up to help businesses gain attention through their graphic printing, product catalog, signages, etc.

Brand Appeal

We package businesses to promote their brand appeal through niche and audience-specific design and an attractive blend of colours, images, and fonts.

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