Should You Hire a Marketing Employee of a Marketing Agency?

Many businesses are often torn between outsourcing specific parts of their business or building a team for that aspect. The marketing employee vs marketing agency debate often comes up when companies are starting off or about to scale. Whether you choose to hire a marketing employee or a marketing agency, each option has its benefits. 

It is very important to opt for the better option because it could make or mar the prospect of your business. This is why we are considering both sides of the coin to let you know which you should opt for and why. 

1. Cost: The average pay for a senior marketing manager in the US is about $104,000 per year, according to data from Glassdoor. This does not cover the cost of the recruitment process to onboarding, and other benefits. This is for just one member of the team. Considering the overall cost of getting a full marketing team, it might be better to hire a marketing agency. It is usually much less maintenance.

2. Commitment and accessibility: A marketing agency might have other commitments with a limited number of workers per client. Hiring a marketing employee means they are devoted solely to your company, and they are more accessible. This might make project executions possible on short notice. 

3. Value: Getting a marketing agency supersedes hiring marketing employees in terms of value. Marketing agencies are a made team of talented individuals who are vast in industry knowledge. An in-house team might not be able to deliver as much value as a team of marketing experts. 

4. Collaboration: It is easier for an in-house marketer to collaborate better with other members of the team. This could promote communication and make all teams in the business be on the same page. Outsourcing marketing means there might be a lot of back-and-forths in trying to pass information across. As the agency is not situated with the company, it makes collaboration a little more difficult.

5. Work performance: Having an in-house marketing team could reduce work performance as this team also needs maintenance. It could take a lot of resources and attention to manage a marketing team. On the other hand, outsourcing the marketing means you get to focus on different aspects of your business while you have a proficient team working on your marketing. 

Now to the verdict. Which is better, getting an in-house marketing team or hiring a team of experts? Looking at the big picture, each of the options has its benefits and demerits. What should eventually determine your choice would be: 

Some companies now try to use both in-house marketing employees and a marketing agency. They can hire two or more employees to work within the company and liaise with the marketing agency. This compromise proves effective in maximizing the benefits of both options. 

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